Comb Binding Machines

Comb Binding Machines for all Budgets & Purposes

The Finishing Point offer a wide range of Comb Binding Machines and Solutions in partnership with the world leading manufacturers such as Renz of Germany, James Burn International of France (JBI) and GBC of USA.

Our comb binding machines range from simple manual desktop solutions aimed at infant and secondary schools, mid-range machines aimed at Secondary and Further Education facilities, copy shops, corporate print rooms and print companies, and our high end machines which are aimed at print finishing companies, Universities, and larger corporate print environments. All our wire binding machines are designed for heavy and constant use and will serve their owners for many years, hassle free.

Why Choose Comb Binding

Comb binding was invented as an alternative to the traditional wire binding machines which at the time seemed out of date although today wire binding is far more commonplace than Comb Binding. The advantages of binding combs as a book creation technique are clear as there is only one punching pattern for all book thicknesses from 2 to nearly 500 sheets, although there is a choice between 20 and 21 holes as a preference.

Further to this plastic combs can be opened and closed at will to remove or add pages without damaging the comb itself, unlike on wire binding when you will destroy the wire to simply remove or add a single page. The binding strength of plastic comb binding is not as good as wire binding and the book will not open back on itself due to the plastic comb incorporating a fixed spine for rigidity in use. Also coloured plastics do have a tendency to deteriorate over time and discolor making older bound documents to require rebinding.

Comb Binding is still by far the most popular form of binding with the Lower and Secondary school education sector due to low equipment costs, low consumable costs and the versatility of the binding method as well as the ease of which you can remove and add pages at any stage.

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