Wire Stitching Machines

Wire Stitching Machines and Industrial Stapling Machines

Stitching machines is a term used to describe a machine that stitches together paper or media using a flat or round wire. Unlike a stapling machine where the staples are normally preformed and you have various size legs for different thickness applications, stitching machines form the stitch or staple and the thickness can be adjusted to suit the document. Stitching wire is sold on a reel and the machine pulls the required length from the reel, forms the stitch/staple and passes it through the document before closing the stitch in the back.

Stitching machines offer a higher level of versatility than traditional stapling machines and in many cases offer the ability to bind together much thicker documents with up 30mm thickness possible on some machines. Because you don't need staples the running costs are also much lower with a reel of wire capable of producing up to 50,000 stitches the cost per book is minimal and much lower than even the lowest cost staples.

Stitching machines like the heavy duty electric staplers are capable of both flat pad and saddle stapling documents.

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