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Wire Binding Machines for all Budgets and Purposes

The Finishing Point offer a wide range of Wire Binding Machines and Solutions in partnership with the world leading manufacturers such as Renz of GermanyJames BurnInternational of France (JBI) and GBC of USA.

Our wire binding machines range from simple manual desktop solutions aimed at infant and secondary schools, mid-range machines aimed at Secondary and Further Education facilities, copy shops, corporate print rooms and print companies, and our high end machines which are aimed at print finishing companies, Universities, and larger corporate print environments. All our wire binding machines are designed for heavy and constant use and will serve their owners for many years, hassle free.

Wire Binding Machines - Industry Standards

Wire Binding Machines have always been available in 2 formats, these are known as 3:1 (3 to 1) and 2:1 (2 to 1). These formats are simply abbreviations for 3 holes per inch and 2 holes per inch. Historically smaller wire bound books used a 3:1 punching pattern which produced 34 holes down an A4 Length, 3:1 is used to wire bind up to 120 sheets of 80 gsm paper.

Larger books were therefore created using the 2:1 punching pattern which produced 23 holes down an A4 Length, 2:1 is used to wire bind books up to 350 sheets and is, as standard, only available from size 10 which is around 135 sheets of A4 80gsm. These patterns are purely for aesthetic reasons but are industry standard, hence why if you own a 3:1 machine you can only punch and bind up to a maximum of 120 sheets using standard wires, it is the wire that restricts this not the machine.

The Solution

As a work around from the standard wire binding formats described above, Renz developed the One Pitch system which basically made 2:1 binding wires available for all book sizes, from 2 to 350 sheets or size 4 to size 24. By bringing this to the market, they enabled a single machine whether manual or electric in the 2:1 format to produce all sizes of finished book. Although the Renz One Pitch is classed as a premium wire binding machine, the invention is very popular within the Education and Corporate sectors for its convenience.

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