Eurofold Paper Folding Machines

Multigraph Eurofold - The Evolution of the Touchline

Since inception of Multigraph in 1985 they have been synonymous with traditional style buckle plate folders which still exist within their range today with the Eurofold and Foldmaster range. Due to the rapid changes within the digital print market Multigraph needed to change their way of thinking about folded paper and processing digital media. In 2005 the investigation work started in to ways they can provide what the market is demanding, firstly by developing parts of existing machinery to suit knife folding and creasing in a combined setup.

By 2008 they had created the first prototype and by 2009-2010 the first automated crease and fold solutions now known as the CF375 were launched and the Touchline machinery range was born.

The Touchline Family of Machines

Touchline brings a whole new way of thinking to the digital print market with a range of unique and highly flexible products aimed at the short to production volume digital print markets. The Touchline family currently consists of 6 models known as the C375, CF375, CP375 (Duo and Mono), TCF375 and the very latest addition the CPC375.

Multigraph are continually developing and upgrading their Touchline range to meet the demands of the digital printer enabling some unique and exciting products to be brought to market.

Why Crease and Fold?

Often companies opt to just crease their digital print and either hand fold or send the materials out flat in order to save time and money. However, this method is not suitable for all applications as many high street retailers for instance will not accept greeting cards in a flat package, this is where creasing and folding in a single pass steps in.

Whilst is is easy to fold a sheet once it is creased it is not easy to fold 10,000, as a result high speed creasing and folding machines where created. The early examples where painfully slow and not really accurate enough to be considered a success, it was not until the mid 00's that these machines started to make sense as costs and reliability improved. Most recently Eurofold, also known as Multigraph, entered in to the creasing and now creasing and folding marketplace with their new range of Touchline creasing machines. Eurofold built their reputation on buckle plate folding machines such as the Eurofold 435SM, however, due to the emergence of digital print and the market demanding creation of heavier and heavier substrates the buckle plate folding market virtually collapsed over night for the short run digital market. A result of this was the creation of the Eurofold Touchline CF375 automated crease and fold machine shortly followed by the Eurofold Touchline CP375 high speed crease and perforation machine. Today the Touchline range includes no fewer than 7 variations with the range topping CPC375 able to offer high speed creasing, slitting, perforating and cutting with market leading precision.

The answer to the question posed is a simple one, volume dictates the need to inline fold heavier stocks, therefore if you have a requirement to produce high volumes of greeting cards for instance, then a Crease & fold machine is a must.

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