Legal Binding Machines

Legal Document Binding

Surebind and Velobind are primarily the same book binding method, they look identical when complete. Surebind uses a 10 hole punching pattern with matching consumables while Velobind uses a 12 Hole punching pattern with matching consumables. The other main difference with the Surebind is that the Binding Strip or Comb has a longer pin at one end, this indicates the orientation that the bind should be completed, for some this makes them easier to use.

Both the Surebind and Velobind use a pair of Plastic Strips bound together to create the bind.  One half of the strip has the prongs, this is known as the Comb, the other part, known as the receiving strip has matching holes to the prongs. Each pair of strips is available in a variety of colours and have a textured finish, providing a leather look appearance.

Why Choose Legal Document Binding Machines

Surebind and Velobind are more of a permanent bind than Comb, Wire or Coil binding solutions. They produce a document that is riveted together using the Plastic Comb and Receiving Strip consumable. Basically the range of machines all complete the same task, each having slightly more automation and speed than its predecessor.

The punching pattern is created using either a Surebind or Velobind machine and the holes both produce are round and similar to that produced by a Wire Binding Machine. The second part to each of the machines is the Strip applicator, once the document is punched the Comb Prongs are inserted through the holes with the receiving strip on the machine. The document with the Comb passed through is positioned with the Receiving Strip like a sandwich. Thus you have the 3 elements of the book; Comb, Document, Receiving Strip. The prongs on the Comb are then heated by the machine and the excess prongs cut off to form a permanent riveted finish.

Legal Binding Machines Capabilities suit Legal Documents, Here's Why

The consumables for both the Velobind and Surebind machines are available in 3 sizes, 25mm or 1 inch, 50mm or  2 inch and the largest 75mm or 3 inch. These three sizes cover the largest spectrum of binding thickness of any binding method including Perfect Binding, tied to the security of the bind, which cannot be pulled apart, this makes the Surebind & Velobind the ideal choice for large documents that will be carried around and used extremely often such as in court. 

The three models are split into binding capacity, therefore the System 1 offers binding up to 25 mm or 1 inch which equates to around 250 sheets. The System 2 offers binding up to 50 mm or 2 inch which equates to roughly 500 sheets and the largest System 3 offers binding up to 75 mm or 3 inch which equates to a market leading 750 sheets. Added versatility comes from the machines ability to offer all thicknesses up to the maximum the particular model allows, therefore a System 3 has the ability to use all three binding spine sizes, 25 mm, 50 mm and the 75 mm. Furthermore, you can bind any thickness document with any size of consumable, for example a 50 page document would ideally be bound using a 25 mm binding spine, however, if needed you can use either the 50 mm or 75 mm as the machine simply cuts off the waste each time.

Obviously it is more cost effective to match the documents roughly to the binding spine thickness and avoid this excessive waste, but if you are in a rush it is handy to be able to use whatever spine is most handy.

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