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With more than 25 years worth of experience working with some of the UK's leading manufacturers, The Finishing Point supply high quality perfect binding machines and a useful hot glue binding machine to offices, print and design companies, schools and universities, and other commercial and public based facilities across the UK. We have a long-standing reputation for supplying industry leading machinery which helps businesses to expand their services whilst delivering an exceptional product. So, no matter how big or small your binding needs may be, we can provide you with a solution which is tailored perfectly to your exact needs.

About our Perfect Binding Machines

Perfect binding is processed using a hot glue binding machine which is applied to the spine of a stack of documents, a wrap around cover is then applied to the glue to produce a traditional paperback book. The Yellow Pages or holiday brochures are fantastic everyday examples of perfect binding. Paperback or soft cover books are also normally bound using perfect binding machines.

The machines pass the document stack or book block (inner sheets without cover) through the high-speed milling & notching station which then roughens up the back of the book, this roughening or sawing enables the glue to penetrate through to the fibres. This hot glue binding machine is perfect for a quick process that looks professional. The machine then draws the book block through the self-adjusting side glueing applicators and across the twin hot glue application rollers, the glue bonds to the paper stock thanks to the spine milling preparation and rough edges of the sheets within the book block. The block is then positioned over the cover applicator, also known as a nipping station, which raises the book cover to the spine, as the glue is still hot and therefore extremely adhesive the cover is force bonded to the book block spine which also pushes the glue in to the paper fibres to ensure a secure bond. Simultaneously the side spine nipping plates are also drawn in and are pressed on to both sides of the spine to around 7 mm from the spine tip, this bonds the outer cover to the side glue area and further ensures the strength of the bind. The book block and cover is now bonded together and held in the clamping station for a set time, anything from 1 to 10 seconds. During this clamping time, the glue is able to bond strong enough to hold the book together but the book and cover should not be opened or handled at this stage.

Depending on the type of glue you are using the curing time can be anything from a few minutes to up to 24 hours.

PUR vs Planamelt R - Hot Glue Binding Machine

The invention of the new Digital Planamelt R adhesives by Planatol (A PUR Hybrid Polymer Resin) has allowed traditional open tank perfect binding machines to efficiently bond coated materials and full-colour digital prints. Until this new Planamelt R product was brought to market in 2017, digital print and coated materials were only able to be bound using PUR Perfect Binding Machines. However, PUR must be contained in a sealed and closed tank due to its carcinogenic properties meaning that the glue must be sprayed on to the book spine via high-pressure pneumatic nozzles or hoses. As a result PUR machinery is costly to manufacture and therefore purchase, also for most applications within the short run digital print arena PUR is simply inefficient and not cost effective. With this ideal hot glue binding machine, you can make an effective product in no time at all!

If you also take in to account the machinery and high consumable costs of PUR as oppose to the relatively low consumable costs of more traditional machinery using the Planamelt R Digital Adhesives, the return on investment for the latter option is far quicker and more easily justified than that of PUR.

In basic terms, Planamelt R is and has changed the Perfect Binding Machinery marketplace and once again made Perfect Binding the viable and most professional binding method for both lithographic and digital print production.

We do also supply guillotines and a new range of Three Knife Trimmers are coming in late 2018 which will enable quick and easy finishing of your perfect bound documents.

TFP are the Exclusive UK Importer of the EB500 and EB800 Perfect Binding Machines/Hot Glue Binding Machine. Send us your samples and we will bind them up and return the results, you will be amazed at what our machines can do.

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