Stapling Machines and Wire Stitching Machines

Rapid Stapling Machines by Rapid Isaberg

Rapid, the Global Stapling Experts are a Swedish company actively selling worldwide to more than 140 countries. They have been a specialist supplier of staling and tacking equipment since 1936 offering a complete range through three distinct categories Office, Tools and OEM.

Rapid's long experience and constant drive to make improvements enable them to quickly recognise and satisfy their customers needs. Their position as world leaders is guaranteed through the continual development of new products and the improvement of existing products. Their market leadership has been consolidated by the quality assurance derived through having their own manufacturing facilities Sweden, China and France.

Rapid staplers are probably one of the most commonly used stapling machines in the world environment and can be found in all market sectors including print, packaging, manufacturing and distribution.

Stago Stapling Machines by Stago GMBH

Stago Gmbh was established more than 75 years ago in Goeppingen, close to the Baden-Wurttemburg regional capital Stuttgart. Baden-Warttemburg is one of the largest industrial regions worldwide, because of the innovative industrial history and because of inventors such as Gottlieb Daimler, Karl Benz and Robert Bosch. Especially in the field of machine construction is this part of Germany unbeatable.

The founders of Stago have been machine engineers from the beginning. Today is the 4th generation, the machines are exclusively designed and built in the company. With the experience of many years, Stago develops machines for paper converting, in particular stapling machines, paper drilling machines, round cornering machines and paper joggers.

All machine units are made out of durable and high quality materials. This guarantees a long life cycle of all components and the absolute precision of the practice. All Stago machines, equipment and consuming material are made in Germany.

Introma Wire Stitching Machines by Introma

Founded under the name in 1953, the Introma Print Finishing Company has been producing quality graphic arts equipment for over 50 years. Since producing their first stitching machine in 1964, their employees have been proudly manufacturing the highest quality longest lasting line of print finishing machines.

The company is specialised in manufacturing bookbinding and graphic arts equipment suitable for small and medium sized industries. The high quality production processes have enabled Introma to conquer the export markets with over 60 countries now importing their machinery.

The head office is situated in the heart of Poland in Lodz, Polands second largest city with over 1 million inhabitants. Introma's success has been built on a simple mission statement: To provide a full range of the highest quality, latest technology equipment to the market backed by excellent after sales service and care.

Introma is the only Polish company able to offer a wide range of print finishing machines with specialised and constant after sales assistance and training to its customers.

Ideal Stapling Machines by Ideal

Ideal was founded on July 1st by Wilhelm Krug and Ludwig Priester, the company was started as a specialised retail store, repair shop and manufacturing facility for office machines. In 1958 the first production of paper guillotines started with shredding machine production starting a year later in 1959.

A lot has happened since the company first formed in the 1950's, Ideal has become one of the most recognisable and trusted brands in the world print and shredding markets built on core principle "Quality Made in Germany."

Ideal now have one of the largest ranges of cutting equipment on the world market with a selection of paper trimmers, wide format trimmers as well as the manual and electric range of Paper Guillotines also referred to as Ream Cutters. The latest range from Ideal now incorporate not only the SCS safety package (Safe Cutting System) but also the new patented Easy Cut blade activating bars for convenient and safe cutting on the electric machines.

Ideal also have a couple of new additions to the Ideal Guillotine range with the new Ideal 4860, 5260, 6660 and the flagship digital machine the Ideal 5560 and Ideal 5560LT. These new ranges all incorporate the new IR Safety curtain and offer a 20% productivity increase over the equivalent lid guard versions. The Digital 5560 also offers fully hydraulic operation, the only model in the range to offer this, to ensure fast, reliable and fully adjustable pressure cutting, ideal for partnering your latest digital print engine.

Trust in Ideal to provide you with the very best in cutting and shredding technology.