High Volume Paper Punching Machines

High Volume Paper Punching Machines

In today's super fast print environments it is often the simplest jobs that slow down our production capabilities, simple tasks such as wire binding or coil binding should be done with ease and speed. However, for most companies that is not the case due to outdated and unproductive machinery that simply can produce what you expect in a given time.

Our range of High Volume Paper Punching Machines offer an immediate increase in productivity. Paper punching is often the bottleneck in any book binding setup as often office or standard combination machines will only punch up to around 15 to 20 sheets in each cycle, when your document is over 200 pages this quickly become laborious and that is just for one document. What if you have over 100 documents to produce before lunch time and you are only given the files at 9 am which is a common practice within the corporate environment. It is not always about the volume of book binding you do, in many cases volume is not the problem but the time given to produce the document is, this is where high volume punching machines step in.

High Volume Punching Machines for all Budgets & Purposes

A high volume punch, you may think, would be automated and complete the entire binding process in a single step. Although this is possible within a dedicated bindery environment, the size, cost and complexity of these machines are simply not suited to most corporate or digital print environments. The solutions are made up of a wide range of dedicated high speed punching machines in either desktop or fully automated free standing formats. By simply splitting the punching and closing or application processes you can instantly see gains in productivity of over 30% against a standard combination machine you will find in a office suppliers catalogue.

You don't need to spend astronomical sums either to increase your production and lower your turn around times.

The Solution

It is advantageous to understand your demands in terms of volumes and time given to produce an average set of documents. For instance if you simply have piles upon piles of wire or coil binding to produce the only option to consider would be a fully automated punch with possibly an automated wire or coil application machine. However, for many this may be overkill and simply not viable, as a result we offer a number of desktop heavy duty punching machines such as the Renz DTP340M which offers a modular compact design enabling the use of either an integrated but detachable manual closer or a stand alone electric wire or coil inserter. If you take this a step further the semi-automated Renz DTP340A is the flagship desktop model and can produce up to 40,000 punched sheets per hour, albeit with an experienced operator.

If you have the space and budget then fully automated is the perfect solution, even in the corporate print rooms. Automated machines are still relatively compact and are as easy to use as a Photocopier often making them the ideal choice for the copy shop, digital printer or corporate print environments. The JBi DocuPunch for instance is no bigger than a small copier and yet can punch a stack of 5 reams totally unattended and with absolute accuracy. Renz also have a similar option with the Renz AP300 Compact which although larger than the Docupunch variant is still compact enough for consideration in any of these environments.

You may also want to consider automating the wire or coil application to really speed up the whole process. Once again it is JBi and Renz who come to the fore with the excellent JBi WOB3500 and Renz Mobi360, both offer high speed semi automated wire application and automated closing without the need for any tool changes. If you want to automate Coil Binding then look no further than the Renz ASPI300 Compact, insert, cut and crimp at the touch of a pedal.

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