Laminating Machines

Choosing the Right Laminating Machines

The Finishing Point partner with GMP to provide an extensive range of laminating machines, ensuring that we have the perfect solution for you. To help you make your decision easier, we’ve outlined the main advantages of each type of machine below and whether you need domestic or commercial options. 

Digital Laminating Machine

Digital laminating machines are ideal for an array of institutes as they are capable of fulfilling most purposes. They are popular within educational facilities, copy shops, commercial machines, printers and dedicated laminating companies. Our machines are high end, fully automated personalised solutions capable of speeds of up to 100 meters per minute!

Wide Format/ Commercial Machines

Our wide format laminating machines or specialist mounting machines are aimed at the wide format print markets. These range in size from desktop 685mm to over 1.6 metres in width. This type of machine is ideal for the application of prints to boards, and pressure laminating for outdoor graphics or exhibition stands. Some of the models are also suitable for the production of vehicle graphics and are the latest trend for vehicle wraps. If you business is in this sector, then you absolutely need one of these wide format commercial machines!

Roll Laminating Machine

Roll laminating machines are ideal if you wish to embellish or protect printed documents or images, such as photographs, plans, certificates, wills or other important documentation. The main advantage of our heated roll machines is the speed with which they work.

We supply all types of roll laminators, from small machines that are suitable for offices and schools, to the larger, industrial sized roll laminators for copy shops and print finishing companies.

This is the perfect solution if you want your machine to run itself, freeing up valuable time for yourself and other members of staff.

The high volume feed stations can hold up to 1,500 sheets before reloading is needed, ensuring the highest possible productivity. The automatic machines have ultra reliable split and vacuum pull feed technology to ensure that each sheet is carried forward and processed with ease.

Pouch Laminating Machine

Pouch laminating machines are popular as they are simple to use and produce professional results. Sheets are inserted into a pouch and then fed into the laminator, which uses pressure and/or heat to seal the pouch shut. The smooth, crystal clear lamination that covers your document or graphic is sealed tight for long-lasting great looks and protection against water, sun damage and general wear and tear.

The Finishing Point offer an extensive range of pouch machines, from budget models to industrial 6 roller high speed, high volume pouch laminators.