The TFP Customer Care Service Promise

What we include as standard

Customer Care Service

We operate one of the largest independent print finishing service teams in the UK, offering national coverage from the Scottish Borders to the south coast.  Therefore if you are located in Liverpool or Newcastle, Norwich or Cardiff, Kent or Cornwall our print finishing equipment service team is on hand to support you.  We believe in going the extra mile for our customers and strive for 100% satisfaction.

We offer varying types of Customer Service Contracts depending on the product you have purchased.  Below are the standard features we include (some are specific to certain models):

Site Survey

Before we deliver any large machinery, we can visit site or ask you to complete a site survey to help us to confirm any potential issues during installation. The site survey form helps to confirm access including doorway widths, corridor widths, ceiling heights, ramps or steps, lists any stairways, requests lift tolerances, loading bay access and time tables, parking restrictions and that the customer understands the electrical requirements for the equipment being installed. Once complete, our team can understand and mitigate any issues to safely deliver and install the new equipment.


We want just ship you a pallet and call it delivered. In most cases delivery employs the use of our own vehicles, this way we can guarantee a timed appointment and ensure all the correct equipment is on site.  In some cases’ we will ship directly from our stores to site on a secure pallet, but we will always have a representative of TFP on hand to unpack and check the equipment, same day or next day.  Using the site survey to determine the best method of delivery depending on access and site restrictions.

Risk Assessments, Method Statements & Public Liability Insurance

If required, we can provide Risk Assessments and Method Statements before we attend site and begin work. Once the site survey form has been completed and we can guarantee access we will provide the relevant people with our Risk Assessments and Method Statements for that particular installation should they be requested. Our Public Liability Insurance certification is available on request.


Our trained and certified engineers will unpack and site the equipment in a suitable ground floor location ensuring you are advised of necessary power requirements and recommendations for Surge Protectors. Certain equipment can be installed on upper floors depending on access. Heavy equipment, such as guillotines or large booklet making solutions will require lift access or specialist hire of climbing equipment which will incur extra charges. Any extra charges will be negotiated before work commences and will be highlighted by the site survey form before delivery is even attempted.

Operator Training

New equipment equals new opportunities. Our one hour introduction training is included in the sale of the equipment and offers operators a complete guide on every aspect of your new machine, from initial switch on to fully programming a guillotine for business card production. If required our engineers are also able to train an operative to change their own guillotine blades, meaning you do not need to wait for an engineer to change the blade every time it becomes dull and saving you money. We can even show you ways to improve print layouts to increase revenue and reduce waste using your new product.  Additional training is available on request; please ask for a quote.

Operator Certificates

Once operators are officially trained we will issue them with a certificate of competence for the new machinery. In many cases this forms part of the Health & Safety regulation and should be completed and offered by law.

Health & Safety Procedures

This applies mainly to an electronic guillotine, but all operators should be aware of the potential hazards facing them with a new machine, we will ensure they understand the best ways to remain safe when using the new equipment. We will also provide safety log books that detail daily test routines for guillotines (HSE Compliance).

Health & Safety Certificates

The Health & Safety Executive Regulation states that electronic guillotines should be tested and certified by a trained and authorised engineer on installation, and at 6 monthly intervals. When we install a guillotine, it will be tested and certified. The customer will be issued with the official certificate, as well as a log book which contains daily checks that your certified operator, should be completing at the start of each shift as well as specific monthly checks that require completion under HSE Legislation, this is Law.

12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

All our new machinery comes with at least a 12 Month Manufacturer Warranty that covers all parts on your new purchase.  However, many people do not realise that a manufacturer warranty does not include labour or call charges for an engineer to visit site, this is often a way to hide extra charges, TFP are different as our warranty includes support for 2 Warranty related calls.

The Customer Care Service includes, 1 preventative maintenance visit (service), 2 Health & Safety tests and certificates for guillotines (required every 6 months). One visit on install and one at 6 months), as well as all engineer labour and travel throughout the warranty period, for up to 2 Warranty related calls. TFP engineers aim to respond to any fault, by phone in the first instance within 2 hours of the issue being reported. If necessary, they will visit site with parts and repair the issue free of charge if the problem is covered by the Warranty.

Further Warranty related calls may incur charges for travel and labour..

Blade Allocation and Regrinds

Applicable to electronic guillotines. Our IDEAL electronic Guillotine range come complete with 1 blade as standard. We include these in order to ensure the performance of your new guillotine. Please note, it is advised that the customer has two blades allowing the Service Team to remove one from site for sharpening ready for the next service visit where we can rotate the blades, meaning you don't need to worry about the blades being blunt.

Refresher Training for Operators

As we visit site at least twice in the first year of machine ownership we can be in a position to answer any questions or listen to any difficulties you may be experiencing with the new machine. Our engineers can offer refresher training or look at a specific requirement and advise the best route to completion for the job.


If the new equipment or machinery you have purchased requires consumable items such as book binding wire, book binding covers, laminating film, laminating foil, booklet maker staples or stitching wire, we would can help to provide you with sufficient print finishing materials to get you started (please ask for details and costs). This also gives us the opportunity to show case our vast range of consumable products and the quality of finish our products can offer.  We have a dedicated consumables website at

Tool Kit

Most machinery that requires installation and training will come complete with a tool kit. Our engineers will demonstrate the uses for each item, so you are confident with your new tools.

As you can see what we include is very comprehensive and not easily matched. We can offer a host of reference sites with regards to our service and support including references from well- known brands and large corporate clientele.

Our aim is to become your service and supply partner for many years to come, our customer care package offers us the opportunity to showcase our service levels and knowledge which will encourage you to continue with our support programs.